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Caravan Tyres

Included within each caravan service we not only check the condition of the caravan tyres eg. side walls for splits, cracks, punctures etc, we also check the age of the tyre. Once a tyre reaches 5 years old we advise the customer of this and give them the choice of having them replaced whilst their caravan is with us for repair, or on a future date to suit. Although the tyres may look ‘like new’ its a well known fact throughout the caravan industry that tyres on caravans do have a short life due to a large percentage of their lives being stood stored in the same position.

As mentioned above, every tyre is checked on service for its age. This is done by reading the code which is imprinted into the tyre walls (see photo). This code indicates the week and year the tyre was manufactured or produced.

It is advisable to always replace you caravan tyres with the correct type ie. 8 ply. These tyres have reinforced side walls for added safety.

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