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Caravan Damp Repair

Caravan Damp Repair

Our company provides very competitive quotes to repair damp in caravans. All damp repairs are carried out using original wallboards when available.

For repairs on caravans which are no longer in production or if the wallboard required is now obsolete, we do have suppliers that can reproduce copies of the original genuine wallboard.

When wallboards are removed during the damp repair and supporting timbers visible are showing signs of rot or weakness, these are of course replaced because if not this can prevent any secure resealing being carried out.
As part of our service, we do take photographs of each stage of the repair process for the customer.   We also where possible encourage customers to call into the workshop to keep up-to-date with progress on repairs on their caravan.

Upon completion of the damp repair, a new damp report is provided to the customer to retain for their records and/or for future resale purposes. All resealing is carried out using recognized sealants which are used throughout the caravan industry.

Please see below an example of a recent Avondale damp repair to the bathroom wall:-