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Caravan Servicing for Trouble Free Holidays

Caravan Servicing for Trouble Free Holidays

Its that time of year again when we need to think about servicing your caravans as we are all eager to start booking our weekends away, with Easter being our first bank holiday of the year.   It is equally important to get away with a trouble free and relaxing start to your holiday.

Having your caravan serviced after the winter months may be a daunting thought, but isn’t it better for us to find a broken pipe or tap, fridge not working or even signs of damp in plenty of time to repair before your holiday away.  All the items listed above are checked thoroughly along with many more important safety aspects when we service/repair your caravan.

Tyres are often dismissed as “well they look like new” and left until its too late.  We check on service the tyre age as well as a visual check and advise customers to have them replaced when they are 5 years old and over.  Although caravan tyres give the appearance they are in great shape having lots of tread, its the sitting still and exposure to UV light that is the biggest problem.

Our caravan leisure batteries suffer too when it comes to the winter cold snaps.  During a caravan service we are able to check its overall condition, top up, lead test it, recharge and if needed supply a new one in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

We hope this advice is helpful for you to plan ahead.

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